I am currently accepting patients into my practice for:

  • Psychotherapy and Medication Management

  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Mindfulness training- groups forming

At this time, I am accepting Anthem Blue Cross insurance and otherwise, accept payments directly based on the fee schedule.   I request a full fee from those who are able, so that I can make accommodation for those who are in need. I can generate a super-bill to submit to other insurers for reimbursement.

Ketamine treatment is not covered by insurance, though aspects of the evaluation, management and psychotherapy may be covered or available for reimbursement.

Fee Schedule:

 General Practice:

Ketamine Assisted Therapy:

Mindfulness Training:

Intake:   $350

Follow-up:  30 minutes:  $175

Follow-up:  45 minutes: $250 

Intake: $450

Individual Dosing sessions: $500 for 90 minutes

Preparation/integration: $250 for 45 minutes

Group based program.

 The structure and costs are being defined

Reimbursement Schedule:

Reimbursable services typically fall into the following categories, with allowable amounts defined by each insurer  (within PPO plans, not HMO plans – typically) and are covered at specified percentage (ie. 50-90%).   After the initial evaluation, services are typically billed as a combination of a medication Evaluation and Management (E&M) and a psychotherapy session.  A super-bill listing the codes and dates of service can be provided for your direct submission and reimbursement with your insurer.

For example:   A 30 minute foll0w-up appointment with a higher complexity medication evaluation and management code (99214 – ie. $125 allowed reimbursement) combined with 20 minutes of psychotherapy (90833 – ie. $75 allowed reimbursement) would create an allowed amount of $200, that would then be adjusted to the out of network rate (ie. 60%) for a a total reimbursement of $120.


Initial Evaluation


Evaluation and Management (E&M) management:

(varies based on complexity)






(varies based on time)

90833 – 30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes

Please describe the services you are seeking.

For those interested in Ketamine Consultation, please read the FAQ as many questions are addressed there.

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