Keter is a Hebrew word that means Crown and has symbolic and spiritual meaning within traditions of Judiasm that feel deeply relevant to the processes of healing and growth.

In naming my practice Keter, I  acknowledge the importance of authenticity. I recognize the aspects of my cultural heritage that I deeply value, particularly around learning and inquiry- which informs an overall stance, “To Stay Curious”.  In this transparent expression of what shapes and guides me, I am more aligned to contribute collaboratively to your journey toward wholeness and health.

By offering my authenticity, I invite you do to the same; to find your truest voice and highest vision for yourself.  The healing process is fundamentally rooted in this alignment. For in our authenticity there is less constriction and more open space – the optimal conditions for innate capacities of repair to take hold and support healthy growth and well-being.

In the literal sense,  Keter is a crown, and sits on the head and above the body.  This imagery raises awareness to that which is above us, and symbolizes that each of us can embody a higher form – within the patterns of the mind, in the choices we make in daily life, and in the ways in which we treat and expect to be treated. The work of this practice is to engage this awareness, which is often lost in the darker moments or perhaps not fully discovered due to the challenges in earlier life.

In the spiritual domains, Keter is an energetic center that seeds processes of physical and psychological creation, with compassion as a central aspect.  The work of this practice draws on this wisdom to support transformational growth, and in doing so, also recognizes the spiritual and sacred wisdom traditions across cultures.