“[Ketamine treatment] lifted the shade that has obscured the light, and [with psychotherapy] I now have the awareness that I can get up and open the window to let in what I kept on the other side of the glass”

Patient Testimonials

  • 37 year old woman with depression coupled to post-traumatic stress due to verbal abuse in childhood that was reactivated while in a relationship with a controlling and manipulative boyfriend
    • “I just feel more open to doing things – the want is there”
  • 64 year old woman with paraplegia and chronic neuropathic pain from a spinal cord injury depression describes the increased psychological awareness that helps ease her ability to be in the world and lessens the intensity of pain flares.
    • “[With in office ketamine treatment],  My mood is improved – yes, that happened.  And more than that, I am able to go with the flow – more able to accept the realities of the world; forget about whether it was right or wrong – and work with it [specifically the pain].  Got the boulder off my shoulder, and the wisdom of knowing”
  • 32 year old male with binge drinking patterns and social anxiety
    • “I just felt clear – like I didn’t need anything outside of myself”