Ketamine And My Approach To Care

I offer ketamine treatment  within an individualized psychotherapy process that builds on the biological benefits to engage your psychology and thus realize lasting change.   My approach treats the person not just your chemical receptors.

Ketamine is  a well-established anesthetic and pain management medication that been has proven effective for treating depression, anxiety and addiction, even in individuals who have not responded to other interventions.  Some of the beneficial effects of ketamine include:

  • General mood improvement – less depressed
  • Lessening of anhedonia – more enjoyment and interest
  • Reduction/resolution of suicidal ideation – and ruminating thoughts
  • Shifts in addictive patterns of substance use – less/longer time to relapse
  • Improved in personality structure – more open and concerned about others

In my approach,   I am with you throughout the course of care; from initial intake, to preparation, to the delivery of the ketamine in my office – restfully on a couch, to the processing of your experience immediately after dosing and through ongoing sessions, if needed. My approach prioritizes a direct relationship between you and myself, and so I am better able to tune treatment and explore the psychological dimensions that often underly conditions of depression, anxiety and behavioral dysfunction.

Together we make use of the therapeutic ‘windows of opportunity’ that arise as you feel better, want to do more and open up to new understanding.  By providing the highest level of direct contact – being with you before, during and after each session, I am able to help you to explore, develop and integrate new pattern of processing and solidify gains.

Area of integration and exploration include:

  • Cognition – how does my mind work
  • Emotion – what feeling states arise
  • Somatic – what sensation arise and where do I store experience
  • Social/spiritual – how am I connected.

From these places of understanding, real change can take hold.

In these sessions, ketamine dosing can be optimized to achieve the dissociative effects that are correlated with better treatment response. In these shifted states of awareness, the mind loosens its attachments to the identified ego, there is increased connection with restorative self-states and more opportunity for insights and acceptance to support lasting change.    By being present with you in these moments of opening, I am able to help you focus and distill these experiences.

This work is collaborative with other providers and embraces principles of mindfulness and resiliency training within psychodynamic, interpersonal, somatic and transpersonal frameworks.