I begin by learning your story – the way life has unfolded for you, with attention to the ways your entire system (physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual) has internalized the demands placed on you at various stages of development. In some cases, these stresses yield productive growth and in other instances, compromises are made in the service of survival. When the stresses and compromises reach a critical point, symptoms and disorders often emerge, with deterioration in quality of life and well-being.

My approach is to engage within a shared process that optimizes the biological foundations that support health, shifts patterns of behavior, thought, emotion processing and relatedness.   Gains in your capacity to self regulate, connect with healing self-states and an intrinsic sense of self worth support the emergence of better health.  This process may involve the use of prescription pharmaceutical on a short term or ongoing basis, with ketamine assisted psychotherapy as an intervention to support growth.   As your capacities develop, it may be possible to minimize or even eliminate the use of pharmaceuticals.

I draw from my medical education, psychiatric specialization and psychotherapy training, along with life experiences.  I work collaboratively with specialists to support best outcomes, particularly with somatic psychotherapy and functional medicine assessment.

The following are aspects of my assessments and treatment

Biological foundation;

  • nutritional/metabolic support
  • genetic factors in response to medication
  • toxin/exposures

(*Collaboratively with Functional Medicine Providers)

Developmental experiences

  • role of care-giving and attunement
  • development of attachment style
  • schema and core beliefs

Somatic/Body Based

  • Evaluate how emotional experiences are stored and perpetuated
  • Define practices to alleviate or integrate experiences

*(collaboratively with Hakomi and Somatic Experiencing Practitioners)


  • -Defining supportive social relations and community involvement
  • -Spiritual identity