I am a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist, licensed in the State of California.  I have opened this practice after working for 5 years as an Attending Psychiatrist at Alta-Bates / Summit Medical Center (ABSMC) in Berkeley and Oakland.   In that capacity, I worked collaboratively within treatment teams to serve patients across settings; emergency room, acute inpatient, day treatment / partial hospital program, and consulting within the medical settings, and performed ECT – Electro-Convulsive Therapy for treatment refractory depression and bipolar cases.  I have previously worked at San Quentin State Prison and currently continue to contribute to the educational programming held at Herrick Hospital.

My experience in the local mental systems grounds me in the best-practices and standard of care within the community, as I bring forward my focus on integrative and interventional treatment.

I worked in the software industry from 1996-2001 at Oracle, and then at a start-up that disappeared into the void of the first tech bubble.  I held roles in technical sales and business development, and traveled extensively until I decided to trade in the laptop and all that went with it, for what turned out to be a 2 year back-pack where I could truly ask myself what I wanted do with my life.   That discovery and evolution of self led me to choose medicine.  I attended medical school at NYU, and completed residency at the University of Washington in Seattle – institutions I sought for the rigorous training and expertise in mental health treatment.

The redirection in my life journey – from corporate to medical –  stands as my own act of stepping through into authenticity around purpose, and serves as the template for creating this practice, where I aim to embody self agency and helps other cultivate it in themselves.

I received my undergraduate education at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.  I started in Chemical Engineering on full scholarship, and though I loved thermodynamics and the applied nature of the field, my curiosity drew me to the foundations of life and decision making.  I changed majors to Biology and Economics. It was a wrenching decision to forego the safety of scholarship and security around career that comes from a technical education.  In choosing what genuinely inspired me, I expressed of my will, honored for myself and rediscovered a vitality that had been eclipsed.   This defining moment served me in the immediacy of that period of life, and has continued to be a relevant reference as I have navigated changes in my life, and those of my patients.

I was born in South Africa and immigrated with my family to the United States as child in the waning days of the Apartheid Era.  My interest in the human condition and the response to adversity can be traced to living with an awareness of societal injustice and then to the disruption of moving abruptly to this foreign country – America.  I retain relevant imprints from the immigration, foremost an empathy around change and displacement, and an abiding recognition of the opportunity to live from a place of choice and contribution.